About Us

Trust has created the purpose of public service only by raising above the discrimination of religion-state-language-gender of serving poor patients with the spirit of coordination according to the name "coordination meditation center". In this sense, registration of trust's charity commissioner was done, E-7027.

The actual work, "Tirthankar Vani" monthly from 1993, in which the Hindi-English-Gujarati Trio Bhasao was replaced by the Indian government newspaper office. Registered with 68895/93.

Serving Treatments nearby areas like Bapunagar, Rakhial, Naroda & Vastral.

Magazine started from September 1, 1993, and was published as a full 18 year monthly letter. Estd. January 2012, the form of the journal is being published in the form of a quarterly journal. Which is ISSN No. 22502300 is received. At present, 1100 in India and 400 members of the magazine abroad.

Special donations have been received from India and Special A merica for various departments. The Trust received the FERA license from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for accepting foreign donations. Whose number-041910242.

Other than the eye department in the hospital, Physiology, paints, skin teeth, homeopathy, the arrangement of pathology with acupressure. Only 20 Rs in each department. Is done in He will be given medicines for a quantity of Rs 1 in homeopathy.